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~ Sunday, July 22 ~

Anonymous said: Interesting that the BoM tour is opening in Colorado just a few weeks from now. I usually hate when people tell celebrities what they should do with their money, but I'd like to see them donate a portion of ticket sales to help the victims of this tragedy. Timing-wise and it being their home state, it seems appropriate. I'll respect them either way, but it would be nice.

I agree, that would be extremely generous of them. Again, they’re not at all obliged to do so, but you’re right; it would be a very considerate gesture, considering the circumstances :). 

~ Tuesday, July 17 ~

Anonymous said: Wait, who was criticizing the way Matt's son looked? Someone has seen Matt's son?

There was an older Matt & Trey fandom who posted on a CRAPTV forum a thread about Matt & Trey “rumors” they’d heard. One of commenters claimed to not only seeing glimpses of Trey’s step-son, but of Matt’s child as well. Though very unlikely, regardless of whether or not the claims are true, the insults were disrespectful and unnecessary, and that whole message board is full of people who treat Matt & Trey like they’re just celebrities and will probably never see that, even though they’re very familiar with blogs, forums, and messaging boards, and are still fully capable of seeing rude things that are posted about them. And, even if they don’t see it, they have loved ones that might go on Tumblr and other forums(maybe nieces, nephews, Trey’s  11-year-old step-son). 

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~ Friday, June 29 ~

Anonymous said: The South Park movie, Team America and Book of Mormon has great reviews, too. -___________________- It's not like we'd be jealous if they didn't.

Exactly. Trey has the honor of being a full EGOT nominee. Once one of your idols has that, it’s kind of difficult to be jealous or bitter when any other celebrity gets awards or praise, even if you don’t like that celebrity.

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Anonymous said: How does it make you feel that "Ted" is getting such good reviews?

Family Guy gets great reviews too (8.5/10 on IMDB), but that doesn’t faze me much, either. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions of course, and if they think the film is awesome, then that’s fine with me. Honestly, Ted could win 3849032523+ Oscars but that wouldn’t change my opinion of Seth MacFarlane himself; I’d still think he was a preachy, condescending douchebag.

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~ Tuesday, June 19 ~

Anonymous said: I was looking back at old posts (just discovered this tumblr by the way. Love it!), and came upon the post about Trey visiting a chatroom and no one believing it was him...turns out I actually was IN that chatroom (SouthPark Palace chat) when that happened...I SORT OF believed him, but was slightly skeptical...but I still talked to him in whisper, he was an awesome, friendly guy. So it's a kick in the teeth to find out it was in fact him xD

Oh my God, that’s so weird! Honestly, until that story, I wouldn’t have believed him either. It’s so easy to impersonate celebrities in chatrooms, but then again, it’s just as easy to assume they’re impersonators when they’re really the actual celebrity! :D.


Ok I’m probably going insane, but I was looking at old pictures of Matt and Trey, and if you squint in some of them it looks like Trey has an earring hole in his left ear. This one in particular I thought I saw it http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4cadeZc631rvlqb4o1_400.jpg   So maybe he’s had the earring for a while now and just decided to wear it again? I don’t know, I figured you’d be the best person to ask about this (I would have put this in ask but it doesn’t allow links in case you were wondering, sorry).

I completely agree! A while back, I found this old, old project Matt and Trey were in called, “Mr. Insects; the forgotten footage”, and I made some gifs from it. One of the gifs I made was of a close-up of Trey, and you can clearly see he’s wearing an earring. He was probably in his early 20’s at the time! So I guess he’s had it pierced for awhile and just hasn’t worn it (publicly, at least) until now.
Here’s the gif:

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fagen said: Have you seen "Trey Gets Stoned - A South Park Parody" on YouTube? If not you must. It's so well done.

Omg I have! It’s so…surreal, seeing them in animated form, although I think Matt in this looks more like Matt than Trey looks like Trey, you know? For those of you who haven’t seen it, check it out! :)

My favorite line is the one Matt keeps repeating: “Chicks dig the South Park creators.”


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~ Monday, June 11 ~

Anonymous said: Trey went with Boogie and I haven't seen any pictures of Angela, so I'm pretty sure John Stamos went as Matt's date.


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Anonymous said: Um, if you're obsessed with Matt putting his hands behind his back, there is a Tony's wrap-up in Vanity Fair in which Matt states that he hates being on stage and is always worried about what to do with his hands. He actually said that he is self-conscious about his hands. As if Matt couldn't get any more adorable...

Wow, thank you so much for the info! That’s so freaking adorable. I’m the same way, really. It’s like, what do you do with your hands? Even if you’re holding something, you look awkward no matter what you do :D.

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~ Tuesday, June 5 ~

Anonymous said: Were they joking in that E3 interview about not looking forward to doing SP through 2016? Something about the way they said it made it seem like that was how they really felt. It was kind of weird. And on a shallow note, how adorable was Matt? I shouldn't be able to say that about a 41-year-old man. God I can't wait for the Tonys.

Trey has said that when it comes to South Park, they don’t really consider it “fun” until they’re done with the run and they can look back and say, “Oh yeah, that was pretty fun.” But during the process, it’s work. It may seem like a more fun job than some, but it’s still work and it’s still a very stressful, nerve-wracking process that costs both of them a lot of sleep and energy. Overall, however, they still love doing it. It’s still “their thing.”

And of course you can stay stuff like that about a 41-year-old man! It’s Matt, for cryin’ out loud! He’s quite the adorable middle-aged man :). I can’t wait for the Tonys either, oh my God. I’m so proud that they get to be presenters <3.

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